Report on risks from neglected vineyards – a concern for all viticulturists in South Australia

Vineyard photo
Information from the Wine Grape Council of South Australia.

The risk of pests and diseases emanating from neglected vineyards has been assessed in a new report prepared for WGCSA by respected researchers Bob Emmet and Trevor Wicks.  Link to the report is <;.

The report identifies powdery mildew as the greatest likely risk, with downy mildew, botrytis rot and phomopsis viticola also potential risks.  The report outlines the climactic conditions by which the disease is likely to spread, vineyard survey and assessment techniques, and the possible loss to yield and quality if the disease transfers to operating vineyards.

In SA  there is no legislative power to address neglected vineyards except in the event of a notifiable (exotic to SA) disease.  It is up to the vineyards in commercial operation to monitor their own vines for potential disease and implement spray programs as needed.

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