Precision Agriculture, Big Data and Google Cars

John Deere Section Control
March 2, 2016 the ABARES Agricultural Outlook Conference held a session focusing on the application of “Big Data” to “Big Decisions”.  The focus of the discussion was, as an industry how do we translate the information available through advanced technology such as genome mapping in livestock with the MLA, to yield mapping, satellite imagery, and moisture probes in horticulture and broad acre cropping into increased profitability.   The speakers then moved on to  Google cars which drive themselves and how that may be translated over to driverless tractors.
At ABARES it was agreed by the MLA, the Australian Farm Institute as well as other industry bodies and private companies that we are just at the cusp of learning how to apply this information to make big gains as an industry.
On the ground, agronomists and farmers agree, although the data is becoming available there is still room for improvement in its application to daily decision making. The ultimate goal within the agriculture industry is for big data to facilitate grower decision making which will result in increased profitability for the producer.
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