Why competition makes us better

With the launch of some new products in the Australian market by John Deere, particularly the 9RX tractor and S-Series Combine, this post reflects on why every market needs to have competition.

Combine photo

Competition makes everyone in the market better.  Competition pushes for new innovations and new ideas and does not allow room for a spirit of complacency.  When there is no room for complacency the customer benefits, and the industry benefits.  This is the place we want to be, in the dynamic industry that is agriculture, pushing the boundaries to more efficient production, better yields and more profit for those with skin in the game.

So although there is competition, like on the sporting ground there is also camaraderie.  We all experience the devastating loss of a drought, and the celebration of the big wins, which usually come in the form of perfectly timed rain.

So we innovate, “With the 9RX Jerry Griffith, division marketing manager, high-horsepower tractors, offers insight:  ‘We’ve leveraged our learning from the past 20 years with our two-track systems. We took what we learned about the way we tension our belt systems, our alignment and our mid-roller technologies with our 8RT and 9RT and developed our four-track tractor.'”

From the 9RX four-track machine to the new hay- and forage-making tools, enhancements to the S-Series combine and a key advancement in tillage – variable rate technology John Deere takes machinery development seriously.

Contact Emmetts to discuss your machinery needs, as we all look to the sky hoping for some perfectly timed autumn rain. http://www.emmetts.com.au.Emmetts logo

Excerpts taken from http://farmindustrynews.com/farm-equipment/john-deere-launches-9rx-tractor-line-and-lot-more#slide-0-field_images-80041

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