Drones and CASA

CASA is the Civil Aviation Safety Authority who are responsible for regulating the airspace for airplanes, helicopters and now drones and non piloted aircraft.

There are two classifications for drones and non piloted aircraft in Australia, the first is commercial and requires an operators certificate and remote pilot license the second is hobby users.

Emmetts drones for crop mapping are flown by certified and licensed drone operators due to the size of drone and height of flight.  Image quality and aviation safety are priorities for Emmetts.

To help guide famers on the use of hobby drones on your property please be aware that CASA has revised the regulations for bobby and consumer grade drones weighing less than 2 kilos.

Mandatory conditions for hobby use includes:

  • Only in day visual line of sight below 120 meters, keeping more than 30 meters away from other people, flying more than 5.5 kilometre from controlled aerodromes and not operating near emergency situations.

Penalties from CASA can apply if these conditions are not met.  Details on CASA can be found at <https://www.casa.gov.au/publications-and-resources/media-release/red-tape-cut-remotely-piloted-aircraft&gt;.

For professional mapping contact our Precision Agriculture Team, Richard Sawyer (08) 85248131 or Matt Burns (03) 5382 9441.



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