Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Washington’s Wine Grape Crops

Washington’s Grape Growers in the USA have benefited from research into Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to reduce the loss of production caused by cutworms commissioned by the Washington State Wine Commission.

Croplands Sprayers

To eliminate the need for organophosphate applications to control cutworm  a new  innovation was introduced, synthetic pyrethroids were sprayed on the base of the grapevine trunks.  By doing this the cutworms did not cross the spray and remained on the ground, not on the new plant growth.

The ten year results of this trial has shown a reduction in pesticide use by 80%.  In addition growers saw an increase in production of a half ton per acre.

A secondary problem of spidermites has also been reduced “The decline in their pest status appears to be associated with the reduced use of broad-spectrum insecticides like Lorsban and Sevin (carbaryl)” which was used to treat cutworm. Before Lorsban elimination, growers frequently had to control mites all season, which resulted in two to three miticide applications. “Nowadays, the occasional mite outbreak can be controlled with a single miticide application.”  Melissa Hansen March 1, 2016 <;

The long term implementation of this Integrated Pest Management system shows long term production benefits for the growers.

Hansen: Wine grapes — An IPM success story

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