For those using JDLink there is now an online calculator to see the return on investment (ROI) from the technology

John Deere has released an online ROI calculator for its JDLink service.

JDLink ROI Estimator

The JDLink ROI estimator is primarily designed to give those Deere customers facing the decision of whether or not to renew their telematics license or upgrade machine hardware some hard numbers to think about.

“[It] can be a significant expense depending on the size of your machine fleet,” says Paul Garcia, Deere’s WorkSight product manager, in a statement, adding that the calculator will “demonstrate the value of using JDLink to optimise our customers’ operations.”

To access the calculator simply visit The process is fairly straightforward with customers asked to input their average fuel cost, idle percentage and their goal for reducing that idle figure. That is followed by entering in fleet information which includes machine models, how many are in your fleet and how many hours each day they work.


The calculator uses that data to estimate total annual savings, a percent ROI and in how many months payback will be reached when using JDLink. It even presents that information in a couple of handy pie charts and allows you to generate a PDF to print out or save for later.

Customers can contact Emmetts to further discuss their potential savings based on what the calculator found.

The calculator can be found at

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