Emmetts Supports Regional Training and Apprenticeships

In order to build upon the prosperity of regional Australia and the agriculture industry, both training opportunities and jobs are needed.

Unemployment is higher in regional areas than in metropolitan areas, with South Australia having the highest unemployment rate by state. Added to this the level of education attainment is lower in regional areas. Training and employment go hand in hand. Businesses need the best and the brightest employees to achieve success in the market place. With success in the market place comes business expansion and further local employment opportunities.

As a regional business operating in the agriculture industry, Emmetts is committed to providing employment and training opportunities to the regional workforce. With ten locations across Victoria and South Australia, the business offers apprenticeships in heavy vehicle agriculture and traineeships in parts. Emmetts has approximately 30 Mechanic Apprentices between the ten locations and 10 Parts Traineeships.

The benefit to the community is training and retraining available to residents locally, without losing residents to larger centres to complete their qualifications.

The benefits to the Emmetts business is maintaining a highly qualified staff to serve customers, as well as supporting the future longevity of the business by having a pool of qualified mechanics and parts interpreters locally.

The benefits to our apprentices are the opportunity to gain training and a trade certificate, with the potential for long term employment at the completion of their apprenticeship.

For more information on employment with Emmetts visit http://www.emmetts.com.au.

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