John Deere Harvester Factory In Illinois

A tour of the John Deere Harvester Factory is a testament to the company’s commitment to product quality.  Moving through the factory to see where the entire machine is made, from punching the patterns in the steel sheets to make it non skid, through to parts fabrication, laser cutting, paint and assembly is interesting.

The testing was incredible with multiple quality checks along the manufacturing floor.  From fabrication to ensure the measurements are exact (within a few microns), to paint coverage across the whole machine, to the 30 minute+ test drive of every combine.  Dye is placed in the oil and after the test drive a black light is used to check for any leaks throughout the entire machine.

The paint process is cutting edge with robotic paint applicators, cranes with a 28,000 lb lift capacity moving parts between paint baths that are 15 feet x 15 feet x 40 feet.  Employees double check all paint applications along the production line and use a light room for a final quality check. John Deere estimates each combine has a 17 year life with 5 owners, and they want the fifth owner’s  paint to look as good as the first owners.

For machines being shipped overseas the machine is covered in a lanolin solution to ensure the salt from the ocean shipping does not affect the paint, hoses etc.

Customers who have purchased a new combine are able to take the Gold Key Tour, which allows them to be the first to start their own engine on the production floor. It includes a tour of the factory and a complimentary lunch with the employees.

Call Emmetts to discuss your next combine.




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